Step Right Up

Step right up, shoot an arrow at the target-The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus if you’re not familiar. And you know what? I wasn’t familiar, not until Josh started song flirting with me. It didn’t click right away. Not when my friends told me (you’re dense like a brick, Tarryn), or when the songs intensified in message (Front Porch Step, Whole Again).

He bought me the arrow necklace our first Christmas together annnnd I guess The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus has a special place in my heart. My necklace is an oldie from Tiffany & Company, but I found some similar styles. And hey! Perfectly frayed jean jacket, hello! I have this dress in four colors (green, black, pink, and blue). Not all at once, yo! Every year Leith releases a new color. But black was the first and after four years of washes it still looks brand new.


Scroll to the bottom of my post to see what I’m reading!

What I’m reading!

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Mom Jeans

First pair of high-waisted jeans, right here. I’ve never even tried a pair on because they have that mom jean stigma. And while mom jeans look sexy and dare-I-say even cool on twenty year olds, well…I am a mom. And on me they look like mom jeans. I’m adjusting. Because guess what? They’re so comfortable. So, so comfortable. I may never go back. I stepped out of the box and wore my new mom jeans with a crop top. Yikes. There was even a bit of belly peeking through. I’m normally an oversized shirt kind of girl…long…flowy. But, I felt good in this whole outfit and I really believe it was the mom-er- I mean high-waisted jeans that made me feel that way. My espadrille shoes, they’re from last year so I wasn’t able to find them. However I found some similar flatforms I thought you’d like. P.s. “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.”  

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Ripped Summer


So it was warm this weekend. I was cheerful AF. Josh was very confused. But guess what? It was a nice break and it’s not hot enough to be oppressive yet. Holla to all my Florida and Texas friends! I had dinner at my friend, Simone’s house last night (you may know her as @simoneinthekitchen on Instagram) and now I’m obsessed with miniature cucumbers. Damn, that girl can cook. Anyway, find mini cucumbers and dip them in hummus. Yum.

This post includes plus size. And for those of you who ask about my ripped jeans, well when I buy my ripped jeans they often aren’t shredded enough for me so I actually go in with a razor and rip them further. If you see more intense rips in any of my jean pictures this is why. Birkenstocks, the perfect shoe. They actually mold to the shape of your foot after a few wears and provide back support (this is something I need) They last hellavu long too. It’s difficult to make them look worn. Worth every penny in my opinion. Links below!

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Pumped Up Kicks

I had these Adidas on my mind while I travelled abroad. I’d been looking for them Stateside for quite some time and I wasn’t able to find the exact ones I was looking for. Since so many of you asked about them I decided to make a post. I did find similar pairs, one being suede, and two with the gold detail. I think they’re bomb either way.

Right now as I type this I’m watching a very cute toddler who is wearing a beanie and drinking a hot chocolate like the little hipster he is. Seattle’s kids are another level of cute. HIPSTER NATION! Back to fashion, sorry. Here are the links.

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Dusters For All

So here’s the thing, dusters are slimming. They streamline your figure something fierce, and if you’re wearing either a shirt or pants that you feel reveals too many of your lady lumps and bumps, a long duster is a good solution. I mean, you can stuff yourself into Spanx, suck in all day…or hide underneath a flowy duster. It also makes you look badass. So, there’s that. Anyway, I included plus size in this post so scroll to see all of the options. And though I had reservations about wearing a choker (you know since I wore them when I was seventeen) I quite enjoyed wearing this one.


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Fun People Wear Fun Leggings

We likes the yoga pants, we does. I don’t know about you guys but I take no joy in stuffing myself into a pair of jeans. That muffin top, though. Yikes! In summer I love shorter leggings. These lacy and partially sheer leggings are so fun! Lazy wear that makes you look like you know how to have fun! You know it’s true. I threw up some plus size pairs too. Let me know what you think.

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Nike Sale

Just a quick post today as I’m writing. Nikes are on SALE! By far my favorite pair, I wear them with everything. Zella sweater is lightweight and perfect for a slightly chilly night. There’s a really unique detail on the back. My sports bra, which I wear under all of my t-shirts to spice them up, is Nike. It’s an oldie so I linked you to a very affordable Victoria’s Secret version. Not a lot of support for big boobs, but enough to wear it under shirts. Truly t-shirts are boring, but comfortable so why not make them a little sexy? Go for it.

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Swallow That

Today I was sitting in a bar in Zurich, right after I took these photos actually. I was minding my business when I heard two American colleagues, a table over, criticizing our bartender’s looks. They were in their early thirties, a man and a woman. The bartender mind you was a woman, a very petite, pretty woman. It was meanness for the sake of meanness. I was all rapid eye blinking, raised eyebrows (sometimes I can’t raise them because of Botox). My initial reaction was to start picking apart the way they looked. Sort an eye for an eye. Let’s turn a mirror around on you and dig in your mutt ancestry and stringy hair. That’s not the right reaction. It’s the immediate reaction for me though. I is the sheriff in town-YEEHAW!

I didn’t say anything today.


Sometimes I don’t try to be mature, or good, or be the fucking change I want to see in the world. Sometimes I lash out. I’m saying it all here instead. I’ve noticed something about our culture, and I can’t speak for other cultures because I don’t know how they do. But in our culture we pick apart to be funny. We treat people’s bodies, and faces, and cultures like it’s our business. A stand up comedy routine.

It’s not.

We should stop doing that. We can’t be perfect, but maybe we can just be…better.

That’s all

Go shop my bomb ass dress.

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Vacation Comfy

When I’m not wearing boots I wear ugly statement shoes. I think I’m revolting against spring or whatever this shit is. Warm weather is bullshit. My sneakers are called Himalayan Campers. They’ve been discontinued, probably due to their sheer ugliness, but you can find them on E-bay. Also, love em’ or hate em’ you’ll never find a shoe that makes people’s heads whip around like these. They’re also crazy comfortable and I’ve gone hiking in mine. The rest of everything is listed below. Today we are in Bern, Switzerland. I’ve seen quite a lot of the world at this point and I can confidently say it’s one of the most enchanting places I’ve visited. I read that it is one of the top ten cities of the world for quality of life. That sort of baffles me since we paid $29 for a late night McDonalds snack. If you ever come to Switzerland know that everything is mad expensive and the average restaurant check for two people is around $80 without alcohol. Yikes. What really drew me here is my hero, Albert Einstein. He had a flat here and the number of his flat is my lucky number. We’re going to find it tomorrow so I can lick the front door.

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Rose All Day

Hey guys!

So here I am in Switzerland and I loooove it. We rented a car because we’re going to drive to Bern and Lucerne and take pictures of all the things. It’s one of the trickier places we’ve been because the language is German and alas, we do not speak German. What did people do before GPS? Also I am overcome with a writing bug. I cannot stop writing. And it’s not even the book I’m supposed to be working on. This is how it goes, I’ll be in the bathroom blow drying my hair, or walking down a street, and all of a sudden (completely out of the blue) words will hit me. Not just any words, it’s the words you as readers underline, tattoo on your bodies, and assert are you favorite quotes. It’s the good shit, guys. They hit me when I’m busy and I can hear them in my head so clearly, but if I don’t hurry, if I don’t get them down as fast as I can-they leave me.  Josh is used to me sprinting across rooms, rushing toward my computer with a strange look on my face. He knows not to speak to me when I’m like that. If he speaks to me I could lose the words. Do you know what this means? It means that a lot of the time I look like a crazy person. I have  shoved him out of the way a time or two, and all to get to my computer. Life with an artist, eh?

Anyway, here is my outfit post. I purchased my suede, blush moto in London earlier this year with the intent of wearing it on my honeymoon. I found a dupe jacket since mine is on the pricier side. The dupe is under sixty bucks!   I also included plus size options for the moto and the tights. My shoes! They are legit the ugliest things I have ever seen. There are pearls inside of silver grommets and the whole thing reminds me of a skin disease. I love them for this reason. Anyway, I’ll update soon…and hopefully finish my book. Fingers crossed for me!

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