Mom Jeans

First pair of high-waisted jeans, right here. I’ve never even tried a pair on because they have that mom jean stigma. And while mom jeans look sexy and dare-I-say even cool on twenty year olds, well…I am a mom. And on me they look like mom jeans. I’m adjusting. Because guess what? They’re so comfortable. So, so comfortable. I may never go back. I stepped out of the box and wore my new mom jeans with a crop top. Yikes. There was even a bit of belly peeking through. I’m normally an oversized shirt kind of girl…long…flowy. But, I felt good in this whole outfit and I really believe it was the mom-er- I mean high-waisted jeans that made me feel that way. My espadrille shoes, they’re from last year so I wasn’t able to find them. However I found some similar flatforms I thought you’d like. P.s. “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.”  

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