Roma Jumpsuit

Hey! Hey!
Got this cool jumpsuit. It’s very lightweight. Perfect for warm weather. I linked you to some plus size jumpsuits too. Guess what? I ate gelato all day and I don’t even regret it. Then for dinner we walked into the less touristy area of Rome and found this pizza joint down a side alley. Wowza. First off all the owner was wearing an American flag tee, and had a beer belly, two missing teeth, and tattoos behind his ears. He was surprisingly handsome. I want to write him into a book. The place was so popular with the locals that you basically sit banquet style against the brick wall outside. Right next to strangers. Then when someone has to go to the bathroom they squeeze along the wall behind you basically knocking your chair up and not apologizing. It’s just how it is, and I loved it. So much jug wine on my shirt. Also, I had a bufala pizza which is buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and basil. Oh my god. You guys, I don’t even like pizza and I think I could eat bufala pizza every day of my life. Italians are so fashionable. I am learning so much. They are ahead of the game and everyone looks like they stepped out of a magazine. It’s beautiful, and graceful, and…European. Anyway, I hope you all get the chance to see this beautiful world. I am forever in love with Europe.

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