I feel droopy lately. Spirit and body. Writer life doesn’t allow for a lot of soul and body nurturing. My typical day includes getting up to get the kids ready, school drop off, cleaning up the breakfast mess, writing. Then I pick them up from school, do homework, make dinner, play, get them bathed and try to spend some time with Josh. Then it starts all over again the next day. Monotony and exhaustion, right? Let’s not even talk about all the things in the middle like laundry, and school events, and bad behavior from little people. Teaching moments and discipline are time consuming and tiring.  You can relate right?  We get droopy. We run ourselves into the ground just trying to keep up.  Then one day it catches up, doesn’t it? And you feel…hopeless.

I don’t have a solution for these times, but I know you have try. Try to eat healthier, try to slip some exercise in, try to do something for yourself every once in a while, try to slow down and enjoy parenting rather than rushing through it.  I came outside today and I’m just sitting in the sun, taking deep breaths and reading a little. Below is what I’m wearing and reading.

Jumpsuits are great. You can argue that they make you feel larger, lumpy or dumpy, but t-shirts do that too, and I feel like we all spend way too much time in t-shirts. This is a fun and comfortable alternative to your regular casual wear. And have I told you guys about Ringly? It’s like a Fitbit but in ring form. You can keep track of your steps by wearing a Ringly and there’s an app that keeps you updated and motivated. I’m loving mine. Hope you have a really fabulous weekend.



What I’m reading!

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Mom Jeans

First pair of high-waisted jeans, right here. I’ve never even tried a pair on because they have that mom jean stigma. And while mom jeans look sexy and dare-I-say even cool on twenty year olds, well…I am a mom. And on me they look like mom jeans. I’m adjusting. Because guess what? They’re so comfortable. So, so comfortable. I may never go back. I stepped out of the box and wore my new mom jeans with a crop top. Yikes. There was even a bit of belly peeking through. I’m normally an oversized shirt kind of girl…long…flowy. But, I felt good in this whole outfit and I really believe it was the mom-er- I mean high-waisted jeans that made me feel that way. My espadrille shoes, they’re from last year so I wasn’t able to find them. However I found some similar flatforms I thought you’d like. P.s. “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.”  

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