Plus size jumpsuit included.

What I’m reading.

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Come to the Dark Side

Star Wars lover, right here! Always rooting for Darth Vader, love me some villains. I have been faithfully wearing my denim overalls every summer for five years now, but then I decided I wanted overalls in black. The hunt began. I found these and they’re not a boyfriend fit like my blue denims, they’re tighter…a little sexier (Can you call overalls sexy?) and they’re definitely comfortable. The pair I have are listed first in the links below. They are an Urban Outfitters brand called DGB and have a strap back rather than a full bib back (See photos). I did link some more affordable brands so you had options. What’s a woman without options? My necklace is from Tiffanys, I bought it for myself four years ago for my thirtieth birthday and I still wear it weekly. It’s currently on sale, so check it out.


What I’m reading.

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Hi guys, meet my new impulse buy. Wedges that are so comfortable. I’m in love and I don’t regret them for one minute. Kindergarten graduation today. I can’t believe my baby is going to first grade. I remember my last month of pregnancy with him, saying to myself, ‘This is never going to end. You’ll be pregnant forever.”

And here I am with a first grader.


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Step Right Up

Step right up, shoot an arrow at the target-The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus if you’re not familiar. And you know what? I wasn’t familiar, not until Josh started song flirting with me. It didn’t click right away. Not when my friends told me (you’re dense like a brick, Tarryn), or when the songs intensified in message (Front Porch Step, Whole Again).

He bought me the arrow necklace our first Christmas together annnnd I guess The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus has a special place in my heart. My necklace is an oldie from Tiffany & Company, but I found some similar styles. And hey! Perfectly frayed jean jacket, hello! I have this dress in four colors (green, black, pink, and blue). Not all at once, yo! Every year Leith releases a new color. But black was the first and after four years of washes it still looks brand new.


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What I’m reading!

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Swallow That

Today I was sitting in a bar in Zurich, right after I took these photos actually. I was minding my business when I heard two American colleagues, a table over, criticizing our bartender’s looks. They were in their early thirties, a man and a woman. The bartender mind you was a woman, a very petite, pretty woman. It was meanness for the sake of meanness. I was all rapid eye blinking, raised eyebrows (sometimes I can’t raise them because of Botox). My initial reaction was to start picking apart the way they looked. Sort an eye for an eye. Let’s turn a mirror around on you and dig in your mutt ancestry and stringy hair. That’s not the right reaction. It’s the immediate reaction for me though. I is the sheriff in town-YEEHAW!

I didn’t say anything today.


Sometimes I don’t try to be mature, or good, or be the fucking change I want to see in the world. Sometimes I lash out. I’m saying it all here instead. I’ve noticed something about our culture, and I can’t speak for other cultures because I don’t know how they do. But in our culture we pick apart to be funny. We treat people’s bodies, and faces, and cultures like it’s our business. A stand up comedy routine.

It’s not.

We should stop doing that. We can’t be perfect, but maybe we can just be…better.

That’s all

Go shop my bomb ass dress.

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This sports bra is one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time. I actually bought it at a train station in Italy, and immediately went into the bathroom and put it on. Hello, it’s a sports bra! So comfortable. You can wear it under so many things and have it peek through all fun and sexy. I threw in a couple of extra options for similar style bras.  And also the link for my patio table because you guys always ask.

IMG_0022 2

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