It’s a Miracle!

Whaaaa? It’s that time again? Bathing suit season, I’M SO READY! -Say’s no one ever. Well, do I have news for you. First of all, I just want to remind you that you’re not allowed to feel inferior this year. Or insecure. Or hate your body. You are allowed to do none of these awful things that steal your joy. Do you hear me? Good. Those girls who you’re always comparing yourselves to, leave them be. Don’t do that. That’s cool that they’re super fit and have amazingly chiseled abs, but if that’s not you don’t waste your time wishing it was. We have babies, we have weight issues, we have…life. Life is fun when you’re not wishing for something that you don’t have. And remember when we’re eighty we’re all going to be in the same boat, full of well-earned wrinkles, and tits to our knees! Hooray!  What will make us rich and beautiful at eighty are the memories we have earned. The memories of playing, loving and tasting life. You don’t want to sit in your rocking chair and be empty of experience. Trust me, when you’re eighty that memory of you on the beach, or at the pool enjoying yourself will be so valuable. And you won’t care that you had flabby thighs, or too many rolls on your belly. Because, it doesn’t fucking matter what your shell looks like.

So, my homies, let me introduce you to the Miracle Suit. It’s like Spanx but for the pool; holds it, pushes it, slims you down a size. This is my second year of Miracle Suit wonder. I’ll never go back. I’m every woman it’s all in me. I’m in a size 8 in my photo. The size six made my butt look squished, and I like big butts. Is it worth the price? Yeah, it’ll last. We’re not talking Target quality. This suit is a lifer. I found a plus size similar to mine! Linked you below, yo!

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