Skirting Around

I always buy skirts to wear to church. Not dresses, skirts. Like there’s something more acceptable to the Lord about wearing separates on Sunday. It’s how I do. It probably stems back to my traumatic college experience of single hand holding with boys, sacred music, and pantyhose and pumps. Have I mentioned that I attended a really strict Christian college? We wore skirts. It was okay because I went to college in Florida and skirts are nice and breezy when it’s hot. That’s what I told myself as I sang hymns, and peeled pantyhose off my sweat soaked legs every night to make my 10:00 o’ clock mandatory bedtime. ¬†Anyway, I don’t have to wear hose anymore, and you couldn’t pay me to sing Come Thou Fount, but this week in Washington state it’s hot as hell and I’m back in skirts. I linked you below.


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