Metallic Summer

I am in-love with all sneakers this summer: wedges, flats, sporty, pretty. I saw them worn so many different ways in Europe I came back with sneaker envy. My friend Karina got me hooked on Ash shoes so I grabbed these metallics (which are so comfortable). Unfortunately, the wedges sold out really quickly, but they have the flats in stock. And how about these white Joe jeans on sale. They’re 50% off so hurry!

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Here’s great news, my designer jeans are on sale for 40% off. I’m a pretty big fan of these since they have great stretch and are super comfortable. The wash is also flattering. That’s a strange thing to say but it’s true. They have all the right spots on your legs highlighted. It’s like contouring for jeans. Do you have anything by Splendid yet? the softest cotton tops that you can wash over and over and never see any wear on. You are going to hurt a little with the price tag, but I’ve been purchasing Splendid for five years now and my oldest tops still look brand new. Anyway, these photos were taken in Rome on vacation. I refused to use the elevator while I was there and only did the stairs. I would also do extra trips up and down the stairs for exercise (we were on the fifth floor). Guess what? I still put on a bajillion pounds and though my butt is hard like a rock, it is large like a boulder. Fail. Lucky I have stretchy jeans!


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Black Summer

I spend my mornings in my closet trying to figure out how to make black look summery. Color is like a special occasion for me. I have very little of it to work with.  So, here I found this wonderfully cool, and flattering summer dress. I paired it with my dainty leaflet sandals and felt like a lovely summer day. A black summer day. But, there are some other options if you’re looking to get your color on.

IMG_9590 IMG_9591-2

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Again With The Culottes

I can’t stop them, please help me. But, for real in the summer these are going to be a wonderful alternative to shorts. Europe is always ahead of the game in regard to fashion and I wasn’t the only one wearing culottes over there. Okay, maybe I was. But, they’ll catch on soon.

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Heavy Metal

In my heart I’m a little girl with a bedazzle gun. I want spikes, studs, chains and metal on everything. Maybe I should get braces again.

Oy! These pull on skinnies with the split ankle! I am so in love. I was skeptical with the pull on factor. But they are fantastic, and the best part is the detail on the ankle. I included a more affordable pair in the links below, so check those out too. And I have to give props to my friend, Karina Halle. You may know her as author Karina Halle, writer of fabulous books. I texted her awhile back about edgy flats and she pointed me to ASH. Karina knows shoes, what can I say? I landed up buying several more pairs in Italy because I was such a fan of their design. So, thanks Karina. I like your cheekbones.

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Roma Jumpsuit

Hey! Hey!
Got this cool jumpsuit. It’s very lightweight. Perfect for warm weather. I linked you to some plus size jumpsuits too. Guess what? I ate gelato all day and I don’t even regret it. Then for dinner we walked into the less touristy area of Rome and found this pizza joint down a side alley. Wowza. First off all the owner was wearing an American flag tee, and had a beer belly, two missing teeth, and tattoos behind his ears. He was surprisingly handsome. I want to write him into a book. The place was so popular with the locals that you basically sit banquet style against the brick wall outside. Right next to strangers. Then when someone has to go to the bathroom they squeeze along the wall behind you basically knocking your chair up and not apologizing. It’s just how it is, and I loved it. So much jug wine on my shirt. Also, I had a bufala pizza which is buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and basil. Oh my god. You guys, I don’t even like pizza and I think I could eat bufala pizza every day of my life. Italians are so fashionable. I am learning so much. They are ahead of the game and everyone looks like they stepped out of a magazine. It’s beautiful, and graceful, and…European. Anyway, I hope you all get the chance to see this beautiful world. I am forever in love with Europe.

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So, here’s a story…

I went to a very, very strict private college. We had a girl’s basketball team, a girl’s volleyball team, and A girl’s soccer team. We had cheerleaders. They wore culottes. You can imagine my mortification when I pulled what I thought was a skirt off the rack and they turned out to be culottes. I was frightened. More so when I carried them to the dressing room and tried them on. I questioned my sanity when I walked them to the register and bought them. Culottes. Like they wore at my strange college, the same college that made us wear panty-hose, and group date. Anyway, here I am…in culottes.

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The Shoes

The shoes everyone has been asking about. The shoes, the shoes, the shoes.  I was looking for something different and fun for this spring and summer and happened upon these. Yes, they are exceptionally comfortable. Yes, I want you to buy them. As for the plaid dress I’m wearing- it’s currently 65% off! It’s under $35.00 and have I told you that Nordstrom is excellent about returns? If you don’t like it ship it on back. Hey! Hey! Happy shopping.


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Flats & Blazers

Ripped jeans, ripped jeans. ripped jeans. Shit up with your ripped jeans, Tarryn. Mmkay. I tried to look a little bit professional since some of you asked for outfits you can wear to work? My suggestion is always flats with print and lightweight blazers. And adding a statement piece necklace can change the whole look of an outfit. I don’t wear them because they look too happy. Lucky for you my blazer is on SALE for under $27.00! And so are my Michael Kors leopard flats. I included some other leopard flat options. Just so you know the Crocs are SO comfortable. Yes, Crocs! Happy Shopping. When in doubt, be edgy.


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Tulip Town

Sup, y’all! All the pretty colors. We took a day trip down to Tulip Town with my mom, step dad and kids. It was perfect…except my puppy…and my son…and….

Ryder was grouchy. Sometimes he wakes up in the morning and you just know it’s going to be one of those days. He accused people of not caring about him, made awful grunting noises, whined about everything, punched his sister, demanded new toys, and told us over and over that he was having the worst day of his life. Not even the tulips could cheer him up. The rest of us had a really great day. It’s a pretty magical things to see an ocean of flowers. Outfit details below.


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