Spiritual Gangster

Gangster: a member of a group of criminals. So, what exactly is a spiritual gangster anyway? It would be me overthinking words on a t-shirt before I buy it. Over the years we’ve taken words that have negative connotations and have trended them into society. I had to really think before I committed to this tank because I didn’t want to send the wrong message. God, sometimes I give myself a headache. But here’s why I bought this shirt.

Religion kind of took a nose dive. I could say it’s recent but then we’d be forgetting all the wars fought throughout history in the name of religion. Religion has been a contentious thing since…forever. I am a Christian. Mind you throughout college I was called a heretic by my fellow Christians. I went to a private Christian college that centered its doctrine on rules, not on love. Of course if you are familiar with Tarryn Fisher you know that I unapologetically had something to say about all of that. It didn’t go over well. Some people love that law, yo. So the word “Christian” became a wonky word for me. The associations made me shy away from the word. But, people do that don’t they? They ruin things. And in the end I wasn’t going to let flawed humans turn me away from something I loved.  The original message-that’s what I live for. Now, you could be an atheist, a Muslim, a buddhist, let me just say that I don’t care what you are. You are a human being and I love you. It’s really none of my damn business what you’ve chosen for your life. My business is what I’ve chosen for my life, and to avoid hypocrisy and actually live out my belief system it’s in my best interest to focus on my life not yours.


“Love one another as I have loved you.”

Dayuuum! What does that mean? Bear with me for a moment as I explain what it means to us Beliebers….I mean believers. It means God came down to experience human bullshit. Betrayal, hate, hunger, rejection, a different type of klan, temptation, hurt, murder, hypocrisy. If you read the story of Jesus you’ll see how he was just pummeled with all of it. And yet he loved those who murdered him. He fought for the weak, he opposed the law and the only thing he got really pissed off at was at religion. OMG! Like me! He stood up for women. All. The. Time. Because back then women had absolutely no rights. None. A champion of every underdog. And he asked his followers to show that unconditional love to…strangers? Hell yes, he did. Mmmkay, I’mma do my best. I fail. I do. But, I believe in it; the message of love.

I subscribe deeply to the profound, wisdom of the Bible, deeply to the Jesus of Christianity (he’s cool as fuck) <—–see that’s why I got in trouble.

But I don’t subscribe to the way humans have interpreted the Bible. Or the way they represent my cool as fuck, Jesus. Because of that I was often labeled a Christian criminal or heretic. I’m okay with that. I have found people who represent what I believe, who live out their beliefs. I have other spiritual gangsters in my life.  I am a spiritual gangster. See…my shirt even says so. Click on dat link if you’re a spiritual gangster too. I linked the cheap jeans and the expensive jeans.

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Naked and Mean

No one in Washington has air conditioning. That means for three weeks during summer I’m miserable and mean. Heat makes me a very bad person, guys. We’re officially past the 95 degree hump in my corner of the PNW and I can officially stop walking around naked and angry. This sweatshirt I picked up from AG is comfortable and still works in hot weather. I found a couple of more affordable options for you. And since summer is almost over this will float into your fall wardrobe. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

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Cold Shoulder

More high waisted pants for you. This time in fancy pink with a little bow to wrap up your waist. Also this top was a nice surprise. It was left in the fitting room; someone else’s reject. I bought it because… NO SHIRT LEFT BEHIND. Also because it’s pretty fly for a cold shoulder top. Cold shoulder tops look so whimsical and romantic and…well…I don’t want to look whimsical and romantic. Anyway, clearly it won me over.

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Let’s MakeUp!

Hi! I love your face! 

You should too, because it’s the one you were given and that means something. You carry the genes of your ancestors in the design of your lips and the curve of your cheeks. History is there, in your body. That’s beautiful.  Maybe your face is wider than you like, maybe there are scars. There are tools and products to help with these things and I’ll share some of them with you. What you need to realize is that you could slather your skin in three inches of foundation, and coat your lashes with wonderful, goey mascara but if you don’t like your face the makeup will wear you. There’s something unnervingly beautiful about a woman who is comfortable in her skin. She may not even be traditionally beautiful, thin, or striking, but she pulls your eyes because…there’s something!

That something is confidence. 

Unless you have the money and will to visit plastic surgeons to restructure your face, this is the one you have. Accept it. It belongs to you and you can decide how you want to present it. For the record, this is not a sponsored post. I don’t do those. These products are the ones I believe in that have worked for me.

I have bad acne. I was approached by a friend to use Rodan and Fields about two years ago, and that’s what I use to keep my skin clear. I believe in their products and if you can afford them they WORK!

Before you put on makeup and in order for makeup to work, you need to take care of your skin. If you can’t afford skin care, try Witch Hazel as a toner. I used it for years before I could buy Rodan and Fields.

I use a Derma Roller.

A derma-roller contains hundreds of tiny needles. When in use, these needles create micro-injuries on the skin, which in turn sends collagen and elastin production into overdrive to compensate as it heals—leaving your complexion tighter and plumper than it was beforehand. This makes it an ideal method for filling in fine lines and wrinkles, thickening and plumping the skin under the eyes (thus diminishing the appearance of dark circles and bags). Micro-needling is also a very effective treatment for acne scars and discoloration since it penetrates the skin so deeply. Plus, when used in conjunction with a serum (as it should be), it boosts ingredient absorption up to 90%.

How to use it: Take your derma-roller and gently roll it over your skin vertically, horizontally, and diagonally, rolling twice over your cheeks, forehead, chin, lips, and neck. No need to press too hard or put yourself in pain—apply as much pressure as you can comfortably tolerate. Take special care on your lips and underneath your eyes, as this skin is especially delicate.

Step 1: Moisturize

Kiehls lotion for moisture, but not oil. I have combination skin. I also have eczema. I use this on my face before I apply my makeup. It smooths and allows your skin to be moisturized enough to allow foundation to adhere.

Step 2: Brushes 

These are the brushes I use. I have a couple really good ones for foundation. Because it takes a good brush to get you that airbrushed look. You can probably find more affordable ones at Sephora or Ulta.


Step 3: Foundation & Concealer 

My color for foundation and powder is: NW20 I use the smaller concealer brush to and the Select Cover Up underneath my eyes, and to cover any discoloration or redness. Then I use Studio Fix Foundation over my entire face and neck using the flat top foundation brush. The trick is first to smooth a layer of it everywhere, once you have the layer add more makeup to your brush and dab. The dabbing part with get the foundation in your pores and give the airbrush look. The last step is to brush Studio Fix Powder across the top of the foundation with the powder brush. Now you have your painted face.

Step Four: Blush & Highlighter 

I use a bronzer as my blush. I am fairly olive skinned due to my Portuguese heritage, so pink blush doesn’t have a striking effect on my face. I brush the bronzer up along the bottom of my cheekbones settling on the apple of my cheek. Then I add the highlighter to the top of my cheekbone (go light on the highlighter) and tip of my nose. The effect is to look sun-kissed. And when I wear highlighter I get compliments from strangers all day long. It’s really pretty.

Step Five: Eyebrows & Eyelashes 

Let first tell you that I get threaded. I don’t like waxing. Once you have neat eyebrows you can fill them in with my favorite eyebrow pencil! And let me tell you, I have tried dozens. This one is easy to use and is lasting. As for lashes; I use Rodan and Fields Eyelash Boost to lengthen and strengthen. You’re always asking if I have fake eyelashes. No! But they get by with a little help from my Lash Boost. It’s pricey but I’ve yet to see a person it doesn’t work on. I put it on my husband and his eyelashes shot out within two weeks. One tube lasts four months, that makes the price sticker more bearable. Here are my eyebrow pencil and mascara brands.

Step Six: Lips

I wear either nudes or mauves on my lips. Usually in matte. But lips are fun! You can wear all sorts of colors depending on your skin tone and what you’re comfortable with. Experiment! My favorite MAC colors are Yash and Velvet Teddy. 


Step Seven:  Super Secret Finishing Trick

Not gonna lie, I have never shared this product with anyone, not even my close friends. This is my favorite part of makeup. I discovered it accidentally and I don’t think I use it for what it’s meant for. But if you take a small make-up brush and dab some of this across your cheeks, nose, and chin you will look like a lovely, dewy princess. No kidding. It makes you dewy. Think post sex, post beach, post the best day of your life. Dewy magic. To all of my friends, sorry I failed you.

Okay guys, that’s it! I don’t wear eyeshadow and I only wear liner on special occasions. This routine is my everyday face. It takes me about ten to fifteen minutes to put it on each morning. Remember to dab that foundation!

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Wide Leggers

Plus size included in this post! I found floral wide leg pants that mostly all under $45! The area thing about these pants is they have a stretchy waist-band. Think sweatpants but with a more breathable, flowy fabric. They’re high-waisted so they sit above the belly button by about an inch. I wore mine with Birkenstocks, but they pair really well with wedges or flatforms! If you want something prettier than say-sweats or yoga pants, these are you comfy alternatives!

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Just so you know my dress is back in stock and on SALE. Under $42! This is a big summer go-to for me since it’s flattering on top and doesn’t cup and caress belly weight. It’s really well made too so don’t worry about the quality, I’ve washed mine over and over.  If you’re a shorty wear it with wedges. I’m 5’6 and I’m wearing a Medium in the picture. It can double in fall with a jean jacket. I threw in some sale sandals too. LOVE the star sandals!

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Shorts That Lie

Washington abounds in cute little towns. During the summer Josh and I try to take the kids to as many new places as possible. The goal when we get there is to eat. We are food people. Also both Ryder and I are mean as hell if we’re hungry. I’m not talking about general grouchiness either, Josh stuffs string cheese in his pockets before we leave the house. If we start being verbally abusive, we get a cheese. If we yell, we get a cheese. If we cry, we get a cheese. I like cheese so this works well for me. Anyway, after we arrive wherever we’re going we find the food. Then we walk around and see the local charm. We always find a bookstore. I make Scarlet and Ryder use their own allowance to buy toys, but I will always pay for books. Their little faces still light up at the idea of new books and I hope it always stays that way.

This was my weekender outfit.

I found three dupe bags that are almost identical to my Chanel cross-body! They’re under twenty dollars! I also listed the dupes to my red sunglasses. And though it looks like I’m wearing a skirt they are actually shorts. I love them. The feminine appeal of a skirt with the practicality of shorts. And they’re on SALE. So check them out.

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Crisscross Lavender

Today was my first day back on the job! Just so you know I drink on the job. Write drunk, edit sober.  I wrote the first chapter of my new novel and it’s a good thing too. I was starting to feel that dragging depression that comes when I’m not writing regularly. What am I writing next? A YA novel. Backstory: I have been sitting on this idea for twelve years!


You should see the weird looks I get when I wear these Jeffrey Campbell slides. It’s like people have never seen an ugly pair of shoes before. I included a plus size option in today’s post. Scroll right for all of the options.

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Everything Heels

Just a midweek quickie. I ordered these heels last week and pretty much waited by the front door every day for them to arrive. I was not disappointed.


The high back design prevents heel rubbing which is a problem I always run into with this type of shoe. They are comfortable! My Hudson jeans are on sale, but jump quick because sizes are dwindling. Let’s talk about wrap bracelets for a moment. I don’t actually wear them on my wrist, I wrap them around my ankle. When you’re wearing summer sandals the wrap bracelet around your ankle is a sexy and fun addition to dresses and shorts. I never take mine off and don’t notice it’s there anymore.

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Cool Mom

“I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.”


Okay, I’ve been eyeing the shredded mom jeans for a long time. But I am a mom, so can I wear mom jeans? Do mom jeans make moms even mommier? The answer is….

I don’t know.

They’re very high waisted, so that’s a plus. They contain mom stomach, eliminating the muffin top. I felt sexy wearing them.

So I have travelled all over Europe and found that the most fashionable women reside in Italy. Last time I was there I noticed that women were wearing sneakers with everything. Everything. I was in awe. How do you make sneakers look glamorous? They do. So I came back and started buying sneakers, which is unusual for me. I’ve always associated sneakers with fashion laziness or athletics. Now, while I won’t confess to how many pairs of shoes I own I will say that I spent a year collecting sneakers. And out of all the sneakers gathering dust in my closet these Adidas are by far my favorite. They are comfortable AF, and they slip on easily. They also look good with everything from dresses, to shorts, to jeans. If you want a bomb ass pair of sneakers buy the Adidas. So worth it. I throw mine in the washing machine when they get dirty and they come out looking brand new.


What I’m reading! I loved this one. If you’re a psychological thriller girl, read this! I couldn’t put it down.

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