Working Out…Yeah!

Working out. Ew. Yeah, I do it. I don’t like to though. I’m thirty three years old, so there’s that motivation. If you don’t work those muscles, Tarryn, in a few years you’re going to be lumpy. And you know…I’m vain and whatnot. My friends are into all that super fitness. They eat good, green things, and strengthen their cores. It’s all very admirable and intimidating. I’m mostly on a high protein diet. I cheat on weekends, because my boyfriend’s favorite line is-“Let’s go get a margarita, baby.” or “Let’s go out for some wine, baby.” Baby, baby, baby. These things make me pack on pounds faster than ice cream. But, he’s cute and I’m always gung-ho for a margarita.

For excercise I have a treadmill and a weighted hula hoop. I alternate between those two things. The hula hoop can be really intense cardio if you do it the right way, and it strengthens your core. I’m a big fan. Mind you, you’ll be bruised for a week after you use it for the first time so don’t start right before a beach day. Persevere. Once you’re not black and blue, and get into the habit of using it a couple times a week you’ll see results. I’m finally strong at the core!  A tip: bend your knees while you’re hooping it works your glutes and thigh muscles something fierce. The treadmill makes me want to die. Let’s not talk about that.

What we should talk about is my outfit. I don’t use it to exercise. I often like to look athletic and then I’ll bust out all the Nike wear. It’s a costume based on my mood. So, I don’t really know if these shorts are good for running, or if this awesome poser sweatshirt with the cut-off sleeves is an athletic must have. I work out half naked, holding my boobs because I forgot to put on a sports bra. I like them though. I guess Nike knows what they’re doing.  So there’s that…

Link to my weighted hula hoop HERE

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